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It started as a farm for producing beautiful flowers to be sold to event planners, decorator and practically anyone who wants to buy a flower. The beauty of the farm, facing the mountains of Cordillera, captured the attention of photographers who are in constant search for beautiful locations to capture. Breathtaking indeed, its beauty was captured by Ms. Olen Co. Thanks to the power of social media, that photo sparked the interest of many.

The Photo that started it all. Photo by Ms. Olen Co

Fast forward to today, Northern Blossoms flower farm is now one of the primary destinations if you ever want to explore places beyond Baguio City. Located in Sayangan, Atok, Benguet, this farm which started as a flower farm is now a full-blown tourist destination. We had the privilege of visiting the farm even before it became very popular and if you had the same experience, when you go back there today, there are some notable changes.

The Sunflowers facing the Sunrise: Vince Tabor (Local Guide)

Northern Blossom From Farm to Tourism

It is because of the influx of tourists at the flower farm that the owner, Ms. Lany Ganayan and her family, decided to shift their farm into a tourist attraction. Hence, they developed more of their land for tourism. Aside from the flowers, which in itself are already worth visiting, there were other things added to the farm to make your visit worthwhile.

Sunrise is breathtaking at Northern Blossoms: Vince Tabor (Local Guide)

Northern Blossom Changes from Before

It is because of these new developments that you should first know what to expect when you plan on going to Northern Blossoms Flower Farm. Here are the things you should know:

  1. Official Opening Time is at 6:00AM – however this can still vary depending on the time of the sunrise. It is safe to say that their opening time is during sunrise.
  2. They observe noon breaks – from 12pm – 1pm the farm is closed for noon break. This is not only to give their guides a rest and enjoy their lunch but also to make sure that tourists are protected from the heat.
  3. Entrance Fee – starting March 15, 2019 the entrance fee will be P300.00. The good thing about this is that you will be able to explore more than 2 hectares of land area at the flower farm.
  4. Don’t pick but you can buy – the flowers are for your eyes only, but if you really cannot resist bringing the beauty of the flowers home, ask your guide on how you can purchase the flowers.
  5. Stay overnight – if you want to feel the essence of the farm and Sayangan Atok Benguet in general, you can opt to stay overnight. You can rent the entire transient house good for 10 persons for P4,000.00. You can also rent a room good for 2-3 persons for P1,500.00. Check-in time is at 2:00PM. To book the transient house call: 0917-160-2987
The rose cabbage of Northern Blossoms in 2018 : Photo by: Vince Tabor (Local Guide)

The vibrance of tourism in Sayangan, Atok Benguet helped not only the flower farm but also the entire community. It all started with a photo shared and fueled by social media, then it became one of the most talked about tourist destinations in the Cordilleras. As witness to the development of the place, we also encourage every tourist to be responsible enough in managing their solid wastes and in following all the reminders and warnings provided by the local government unit. Sayangan, as a tourist destination, is currently in its infancy and we all have the opportunity to start sustainable tourism right.

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  1. hi,.how can i book the transient house/room for an overnight stay?

    1. Hey there, Tintin! To book the transient house you may contact 0917-160-2987. Hope you will enjoy Atok!

  2. How far could this be from the Japanese Sakura Garden? Do you recommend going there by foot or by vehicle? Any idea o the rates as well?
    Also are you guys a local guide as depicted on the photo caption?

    1. Hi Marcus,
      The Japanese Sakura Garden is quite far you will need to ride a vehicle to reach the garden. Unfortunately we do not have the data on how much is a vehicle rental. Mr.Vincent Tabor is a google local guide.

  3. Hi, just want to confirm po if pupunta ka ba dito sa Northern Blossom need mo pa po ba maghike or may vehicle ng diretso dito?

    1. Magandang Baguio, Rogina! Northern Blossom is conveniently located just along the main road so there is no need for hikes. They also have parking. Unfortunately, Northern Blossom is currently closed due as per EO 03-2020 released by the Mayor of Atok. You can read more here:

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