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Prohibited Parking Places in Baguio City: A Guide for First-Time Motorists

For first-time motorists in Baguio City, understanding local traffic regulations is critical. In this article, we present a comprehensive guide to the city’s prohibited parking places as per the Comprehensive Transportation and Traffic Regulations for the City of Baguio (Ordinance 07-1984, as amended by Ordinance 75-2019).

Parking Violations

Under the aforementioned ordinances, there are specific locations and scenarios where parking is considered illegal. Violation of these rules results in a penalty of PHP 500.00 for each occurrence. Here are the places where you cannot park or leave your vehicle:

  1. Between any other vehicle or the center of the thoroughfare: This rule is designed to ensure smooth flow of traffic and prevent any form of obstruction.
  2. Between a pedestrian zone and the nearest curve or within nine (9) meters from the nearest curve directly opposite the ends of a pedestrian zone: This restriction is set to provide pedestrians safe and unhindered passage.
  3. In front of a right of way, passage on a private drive: You should not park your vehicle in a manner that restricts vehicles’ reasonable access to or egress from the right of way, passage, or private way.
  4. In front of a footway constructed across a reservation: This rule ensures footways are always clear for pedestrians.
  5. On any footway, marked crosswalk, or pedestrian crossing: The ordinance strictly prohibits parking on spaces meant for pedestrian use.
  6. On or within nine (9) meters of any portion of a thoroughfare bound on one or both sides by a traffic island: This prevents vehicles from causing traffic congestion near traffic islands.
  7. Upon a bridge, other elevated structure, within a tunnel or underpass: Parking is prohibited in these areas due to the potential for blocking traffic flow and causing accidents.
  8. Between the boundaries of a thoroughfare and any double yellow line: Parking in this zone is strictly forbidden as it can obstruct visibility for other drivers.
  9. Upon an intersection: To ensure smooth traffic flow and safety, parking is not allowed at intersections.

  10. On any portion of a thoroughfare with which “Keep Clear” is marked: These markings indicate areas that should be kept free from parked vehicles at all times.
  11. Within one (1) meter of any fire hydrant: This is to ensure that fire hydrants are always accessible for emergency situations.
  12. Within three (3) meters of a letter pillar or letter box: This rule ensures that mail services are not disrupted.
  13. On a reservation: Parking in reserved areas is strictly prohibited.
  14. Within six (6) meters of any marked crosswalk or the prolongation of any property line of any road more than sixty (60) meters wide intersecting the road in which the vehicle is traveling, or on the departure side of a sign inscribed with “Bus Stop” or “PUJ” stop unless the vehicle is a public utility bus or jeepney which stops to unload or load passengers.
  15. Within nine (9) meters of an intersection: Parking near intersections can obstruct visibility and hamper traffic flow.
  16. Upon a bus and PUJ lane, except that a public utility vehicle may remain waiting while persons are actually entering or alighting from the said vehicle: This rule ensures that lanes designated for buses and public utility jeepneys (PUJs) are not blocked by other vehicles.

By understanding and respecting these rules, first-time motorists in Baguio City can contribute to a smoother and safer traffic environment. Avoiding these prohibited parking places not only helps to maintain order on the city’s roads but also saves you from having to pay fines for traffic violations.

SOURCE: Baguio City Police Office

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