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Products Made from Indigenous Materials

In celebration of the National Indigenous Peoples Month, let us remember the rich culture of the indigenous people here in the Cordillera Region by showcasing the products made, designed, and inspired from indigenous materials.

Patronizing Our Own Product

The region of Cordillera has a rich culture and tradition that is worth showcasing to the entire world. Using our own products is not only a big help to the economy but it’s one of the ways to preserve it for the future generation. Whatever innovation and modernization are happening around us, let us help each other, protect, and maintain our culture and tradition.

Products Made from Indigenous Materials

Here are a few of the local products made of indigenous materials:

Face mask

Due to the current pandemic, the demand for face mask surged since the beginning of the crisis. The pandemic cannot stop us from being fashionable and safe at the same with the use of face masks made of indigenous materials. A lot are producing these face masks and we can easily check it out online and can even choose from many designs.


Bags are considered essential especially when we are traveling or have errands. It keeps our belonging safe from any unnecessary situation. And, when owning a bag, the bag must be well-made to ensure that it will last long. Bag products made from indigenous materials are not only unique when it comes to design but is also made of sturdy materials.


For those who love collecting accessories, there are several local stores in the region producing and selling accessories made of indigenous materials. Here are some of the few you can add to your collections.



Both of the accessories have their own uniqueness and what makes it more stand out is the touch and use of indigenous materials.


To make your tables at home not bare and plain, make it look fancy with tablecloth designed with indigenous materials. These tablecloths come in different sizes and colors so there is a lot to choose from. These products can be checked out online and even in the open physical local stores located around the region.


When you rarely attend events, it’s best to dress with a unique and eye-catching piece, there are several local stores that are known for creating formal attires that are incorporated with indigenous materials and designs.

Supporting Local

The pandemic has greatly affected everyone, and to show our support to our fellow kababayan, one of the things we can do is to buy from local businesses. There are many amazing local products out there that we might not have discovered yet. So, let’s take advantage of the internet to search and discover more of the products around our community.

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