Pixar’s Short Film ‘Float’ which Features Filipino Characters Now Available on YouTube

‘Float’, a Pixar SparkShort which features Filipino characters, is now available on YouTube. The over seven-minute short film was made available by Pixar on its official YouTube channel on February 17, 2021.

Here is the message posted by Pixar on their official Facebook page, on February 17, announcing that two short films, including ‘Float’, have been made available on the video-sharing platform, “in solidarity with the Asian and Asian American communities against Anti-Asian hate in all its forms.”

Source: Pixar| Official Facebook Page

The short film ‘Float’ was directed by Filipino-American Director Bobby Alcid Rubio. In an article published by the VIEW Conference, which was shared by the official Facebook Page of Pixar, it was stated that Rubio also worked as a story artist on well-known animated films such as “Cars 2,” “Monsters University,” “The Good Dinosaur,” and “Incredibles 2.” Rubio also worked on award-winning films such as “Up,” “Brave,” “Inside Out”, “Toy Story 4”, and several others.

Rubio’s short film ‘Float’ debuted on Disney Plus (Disney+) in 2019 and now the masterpiece is already on YouTube. At around 5:30 PM today (Wednesday), Mach 3, 2021, the “Float” Full SparkShort video published on Pixar’s official YouTube channel has already gained over four (4) million views.

Looking back in the year 2019, a Twitter user made a tweet stating, “Yay for #PixarFloat!! It’s a short featuring #FilipinoAmerican characters! I’ve waited 40+ years to see someone like me on screen. This means SO much!!”

Director Rubio replied on the said Tweet saying, “I too have waited 40+ years to see LEAD characters who looked like me on screen. I‘ve seen secondary & tertiary characters, but 2 LEAD CGI #FilipinoAmericans in an animated film…never have I seen that!” Then he added the hashtag, #RepresentationMatters.

So what ‘Float’ is All About?

Here’s ‘Float’ as described by the Pixar Animation Studios:

“In FLOAT, a father discovers that his son is different from other kids in the most unusual way. To keep them both safe from judgement, Dad covers him and keeps him out of sight—but when his son’s ability becomes public, Dad must decide whether to run and hide or to accept his son as he is.”

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Watch ‘Float’ Here

In a tweet published on March 1, 2021, Director Bobby Alcid Rubio said that ‘Float’ is up on YouTube for a limited time only. So if you would like to see the masterpiece you might want to check it out now.

“This is the original version! Not the grainy bootleg with the song that I never intended to attach to it. This is the Director’s Cut! #TheRubioCut,” Rubio added.

Watch the full ‘Float’ Pixar SparkShort here:

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