[UPDATED] Parks in Baguio City Temporarily Closed starting March 16, 2020

**UPDATE AS OF March 16, 2020**

Baguio City has just been declared under the state of COMMUNITY QUARANTINE. Read more here.

UPDATE AS OF March 17, 2020: Entire Luzon is now under Enhanced Community Quarantine

As a precautionary measure against COVID-19, the City Environment and Parks Management Office (CEPMO) released an advisory regarding the temporary closure of the following parks in Baguio City for 14 days, starting March 16, 2020 to discourage people from roaming and encourage people to stay at home.

Temporarily Closed Parks

Children’s Park

Dominical Hill & Heritage Park (Diplomat Hotel)

Mines View Park

Botanical Garden

Note: Special permits granted to boating, biking, stalls, restaurants, and roaming vendors within city parks are also temporarily suspended within the said dates.

Update on the restrictions of Government Facilities

Since the City Government of Baguio has just declared Baguio City under the state of Community Quarantine, in order to avert non-essential gatherings, and to promote the practice of social distancing, the following facilities shall be subject to rules as stated herein for the duration of the term of this Community Quarantine:

The following city administered facilities shall be CLOSED:

  1. Burnham Children’s Park
  2. Dominican Hill & Heritage Park
  3. Mines View Park
  4. Wright Park
  5. Baguio Convention Center
  6. Botanical Garden
  7. Baguio City Public Library

And other places where people may converge for non-essential gatherings

Public Advisory for Travellers

The Baguio City COVID-19 Interagency Task Force released advisories for those who are planning to travel to the city of Pines starting today. You can read more here: https://www.baguiocityguide.com/omnibus-advisories-from-the-baguio-covid-19-interagency-task-force/

Stay safe everyone!

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  1. Camp john hay should be close also for visitors… Lot of people, most of them are from foreign countries and still doing family gatherings and picnics

  2. May I suggest on social distancing on all public utility transports to prevent close contamination on CoVid – 19 virus.
    If possible 50% off the usual capacity on the vehicle for the time bieng?

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