New Sectors Allowed to Operate under GCQ

Yesterday, May 5, 2020, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has released the list of industries that are allowed to reactivate operations in areas that are placed under General Community Quarantine (GCQ).

In the list of industries mentioned in DTI Memorandum Circular No. 20-22, there have been additional businesses that are now allowed to operate as well.

Additional Industries/Businesses Allowed under GCQ

CATEGORY I Industries (Full Operation Capacity)

  • Real Estate Activities (Include leasing, buying, selling, subdividing, appraising, and development of cemetery and columbarium)
  • Telecommunications companies, internet service providers, cable television providers, including those who perform indirect services such as the technical, sales, and other support personnel, as well as the employees of their third-party contractors doing sales, installation, maintenance and repair works
  • Energy companies, their third-party contractors and service providers, including employes involved in electric transmission and distribution companies, electric power plant and line maintenance, electricity market and retail suppliers, as well as those involved in the exploration, operations, trading and delivery of coal, oil, crude or petroleum and by-products (gasoline, diesel, liquefied petroleum gas, jet oil, kerosene, lubricants), including refineries and depots or any kind of fuel used to produce electricity
  • Construction workers accredited by DPWH to work on facilities identified for purposes of quarantine and isolation, including such facilities for the health sector, emergency works, flood control, and other disaster risk reduction and rehabilitation works

CATEGORY II Industries (50% up to Full Operational Capacity)

  • Electronic Commerce Companies
  • Essential public and private construction projects, such as but not limited to sewerage, water services facilities, and digital works, and health facilities, and priority projects
  • Housing Service Activities
  • Accommodation only for the following:
    • For areas outside Luzon, guests who have existing booking accommodations for foreigners as of May 1, 2020
    • Guests who have existing long-term bookings
    • Distressed Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and stranded Filipinos or foreign nationals
    • Repatriated OFWs in compliance with approved quarantine protocols
    • Non-OFWs who may be required to undergo mandatory facility-based quarantine
    • Health care workers and other employees from exempted establishments under the Omnibus Guidelines and applicable Memoranda from the Executive Secretary

CATEGORY III Industries (50% Work-on-site arrangement, work-from-home, and other alternative work arrangements)

  • Other Financial Services such as Money Exchange, Insurance, Reinsurance, and Pension Funding, except Compulsory Social Security
  • Management Consultancy Activities
  • Computer Programming (such as writing, modifying, testing and supporting software, planning and designing computer systems), information service activities (such as data processing and hosting activities) and other related activities
  • Employment activities (such as recruitment and placement, for essential activities)
  • Other activities such as photography services; fashion, industrial, graphic, and interior design
  • Other non-leisure wholesale and retail establishments and activities:
    • Wholesale and Retail Trade of Motor Vehicles, Motorcycles, and Bicycles, including their parts and components
    • Repair of motor vehicles, motorcycles, and bicycles (including vulcanizing shops, battery repair shops, auto repair shops)
    • Hardware stores
    • Bookstores and school and office supplies stores
    • Baby care supplies stores
    • Pet food and pet care supplies; IT, communications, and electronic equipment; flower, jewelry, novelty, antique, perfume shops

Transitioning to the New Normal

As we transition to the new normal with the COVID-19 Pandemic, economic activities will start to gradually reactivate as well. As all of these happen, may we continue to practice precautionary measures, follow guidelines, keep ourselves properly informed, and carry with us lessons we’ve learned from this experience.


SOURCE: Department of Trade and Industry

General Community Quarantine Guidelines
Sectors Allowed to Operate During the ECQ and GCQ

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