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Baguio City in Preparation for Transition from ECQ to GCQ

Baguio City in Preparation for Transition from ECQ to GCQ

We’re just a few more days away from the possible transition of Baguio City from extended enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) to general community quarantine (GCQ).

In line with this, Mayor Benjamin Magalong said that the city will undergo a “very, very gradual transition” after May 15.

“Baka within two weeks after May 15, baka parang nasa ECQ pa rin tayo.”
– Baguio City Mayor Benjamin Magalong

Moreover, the mayor said that the city studied and prepared calibrated sequential actions on how to do the reactivation of certain sectors with the assurance that they will comply with the GCQ guidelines released by the IATF-EID

Guides to Baguio’s transition from ECQ to GCQ

These careful steps to be taken by the city in sequence with regards to easing up certain sectors under GCQ: 

  1. Opening of construction to address critical projects which are subject to strict evaluation
  2. Opening of the transport sector
  3. Normalizing of government operations and key economic sectors such as:
    • Manufacturing
    • Business process outsourcing (BPO)
    • Opening of key hotels with restaurants
    • Small establishments including restaurants and retail
  4. Scaled-down entertainment, worship gatherings, family-oriented activities

Mayor Magalong emphasized that these sectors will not open at the same time. According to him, the sectors mentioned will only open as driven by demand and will follow certain schedules. 

“What I’m saying is we have a plan on how to transition, but yung by scheduling, unti-unti. Pati borders, di ko basta-basta open for all.”

The mayor also stressed, “we will always be aligned with the general provisions of the general guidelines of the GCQ.” He also said, “Definitely, big hotels will not open yet.”

Assigned Facilities for COVID-19 Positive Patients

On Sto. Niño Hospital

According to Mayor Magalong, the hospital is physically ready.

He said that they are just waiting for the finalization of staffing which will be financed by the Department of Health (DOH). Security and utility manpower, on the other hand, will be shouldered by the city government.

Assigned COVID-19 Facilities

“Ayaw natin mix use yung hospital natin,” the mayor said. Hence, after May 11, 2020, only the Sto. Niño Hospital and Baguio General Hospital Medical Center (BGHMC) will be accepting COVID-19 positive cases.

Proposed Modifications on GCQ Guidelines

On the other hand, proposed modifications on the general guidelines under GCQ will be shared with the public in due time.

SOURCE: Public Information Office – Baguio

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