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La Trinidad Tourist Sites Open for Benguet and Baguio Residents

In the post of the Mayor’s Office – La Trinidad Facebook Page today, November 19, 2020 (Thursday), they have posted tourist spots in La Trinidad that are open for Benguet and Baguio residents.

Open La Trinidad Tourist Sites

These are the list of open La Trinidad Tourist Sites:

  • Avong nen Romy Nature Park
    • Wangal
    • Pre-book: 099-8227-9343
    • Entrance Fee: PHP 50.00
  • Bell Church
    • City limit, Km. 3, Balili
    • Pre-book: 093-3150-4606
    • Parking Fee: PHP 20.00 (Entrance: any donation)
  • Lily of the Valley
    • Ampasit, Puguis
    • Pre-book: 092-0685-8281
    • Entrance Fee: PHP 120.00 (with lecture)
  • Cosmic Farm
    • Caban, Beckel
    • Pre-book: 092-672-4928
    • Entrance Fee: PHP 100.00 (With farm tour)
  • Living Gifts Nursery
    • Sitio Riverside, Alno Barangay
    • Pre-book: 092-8447-5013
    • Entrance Fee: PHP 100.00
  • Admirals Farm Park
    • Lamtang, Puguis
    • Pre-book: 091-6153-2128 or 091-0660-3483
    • Entrance Fee: PHP 25.00 (Short visit)

  • Garden nèn Ines
    •  Shilan
    • Pre-book: 090-8780-7006
    • Entrance Fee: PHP 100.00 (With snack or token)
  • Darjane’s Garden
    •  Shilan
    • Pre-book: 099-987-8544
    • Entrance Fee: PHP 150.00 (Includes snacks and unlimited coffee)
  • BSU Orchidarium and La Trinidad Orchidarium MPC
    • Betag
  • Mt. Kalugong
    • Tayaoan, Tawang
    • Pre-book:  092-9302-4287
    • Entrance Fee: PHP 100.00
  • Mount Costa Nature Preserve
    • Longlong, Puguis
    • Pre-book: 097-7409-7004
    • Entrance Fee: PHP 200.00 (MGCQ rate) includes a guide

Furthermore, discounts apply to children and seniors in all tourist sites.


Here are the following reminders:

  • Advance Booking
  • Health and safety protocols/minimum health standards must be observed at all times
  • No Crowding

Watch Tourist Site Tour

Our team recently visited some of these open La Trinidad Tourist Sites and here are video tours you can check out:

Darjane’s Farm

Garden Nen Ines

Source: Mayor’s Office – La Trinidad Facebook Page

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1 Comment

  1. I came before the pandemic as a tourist to Baguio. Foreign tourist. When they cancelled my flights due to the lock-downs I figured:’well the air in the mountains is clean, it’s nice walking here, no harm in walking in nature where the distance between people is 1000m and more, so I just sit tight and sS

    But now all the rules say:”residents of xxxx” officially as stranded tourist I’m still a tourist right?
    So I’m not officially on paper a resident.

    But I am here now from before the outbreak of this pandemic. I’m exposed to this, or not, like every other citizen of Baguio.
    My risk is just as high, or as low, as everyone else around me.

    But because I’m a stranded tourist I hold no proof of residence.

    So how does this apply to me, all these rules? Because I honestly believe I should be treated equal as everyone else
    living around me here in Baguio.

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