Here’s How To Register Online Before Getting Medical Clearance at TPQF1

To manage the number of clients going to the Temporary Provincial Quarantine Facility 1  (TPQF1) to secure a Medical Clearance which is a requirement for residents of Tuba, Tublay, Sablan, and La Trinidad (LISTT) when entering Baguio City for essential purposes starting tomorrow, The Public Information Office of Benguet has released an advisory stating that an online registration system has been put in place. This is also to ensure the safety and maintenance of physical distancing between the clients.

How to Register Online Before Going to TPQF1

1. Go to this link: bit.ly/benguet-medical-clearance
2. Fill in all the needed data (please fill in the form with honesty).
*Note: The form should be filled in at least 2 hours to 1 day before going to TPQF1.
3. Click submit.
4. Proceed to TPQF1 at Wangal, La Trinidad. Present your ID and inform the staff you applied online.
5. Your form will be subjected for printing.
6. Your documents will be assessed and your temperature will be checked.
7. Signing of clearance.
8. Releasing of clearance.


  • The number of days allowed, the duration and frequency of travel shall be determined by the issuing officer. Non-essential travels will NOT be allowed.
  • For those who are going to the market or groceries, please follow your market day schedule.

Earlier today, as agreed upon a meeting. the mayors of BLISTT have decided to extend the validity of the Medical Clearances issued until December 4, 2020

Read more: BLISTT Mayors Extend Medical Clearance Validity


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