Here Comes Nostalgia! Yu Yu Hakusho aka ‘Ghost Fighter’ Coming to Netflix!



Here Comes Nostalgia! ‘Ghost Fighter’ Coming Soon to Netflix!

Do you remember rushing back home from school as a kid just to be able to catch your favorite tagalized anime series on TV?

Those were simple yet definitely exciting days. You might not be able to go back in time to relive those carefree moments but you can still get to feel the same excitement by rewatching your favorite anime series.
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Guess what? You can start with the anime Yu Yu Hakusho. 

Did that title ring a bell? Not so much? Well, this anime is locally known as the “Ghost Fighter”!

Now we’re talking!


Yu Yu Hakusho is Ghost Fighter dubbed in Filipino

Looking back, Yu Yu Hakusho was aired on GMA Network in 1999 with the title, “Ghost Fighter”.

It’s not only the anime’s title which has been localized but also the names of the characters.

Yusuke, the protagonist of the story, was called Eugene in the Filipino dub. Hiei was called Vincent, Kurama was known Dennis, while Kuwabara got the name Alfred.

Yu Yu Hakusho is about a teenage delinquent (Yusuke) who has died after being struck a speeding car while attempting to save a kid.

He then became a “Spirit Detective” in charge of investigating supernatural occurrences in the world of mortals.

Yu Yu Hakusho “Coming Soon” in Netflix

Feeling nostalgic yet? Here’s good news for you! Yu Yu Hakusho is back!

Mark your calendars, because according to the “Coming Soon” page of Netflix, Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files or Ghost Fighter will be available starting June 26, 2020.



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