Ellen DeGeneres Gifts Fil-Am Nurse with Brand New Car

Filipino-American Flor Maylyn Roz, a nurse based in Los Angeles, was surprised by TV host Ellen DeGeneres together with television producer Andy Lassner with a brand new car as a tribute to all frontliners who have been working during the pandemic in the  United States.

In the interview of Flor in the show, she said that she became a nurse because since she was a kid, she loves helping people. “The pandemic has changed everything. People who are sick, since they cannot be visited by their family, I would be the one who’s gonna be by their side and let them know that there is this person who loves them,” Flor added.

Flor also has mentioned during the interview that she’s a licensed practical nurse. And, she’s married and they have a two-year-old son.

“It’s been hard and I haven’t been home for months because I work with COVID-19 patients and it’s just heartbreaking not to see your family. But I can’t do anything but to be strong for them.” Flor said in the interview.

Also, Flor revealed that she got coronavirus last March and she had to stop working for months. And, she stated in the interview that she and her husband are sharing a car and sometimes she asks her coworkers to pick her, or she sometimes walk or take Uber.

“I got COVID back in March. I was positive. I had to stop working for months and it has affected me financially. Right now, me and my husband share a car. If I don’t have the car, I sometimes ask my co-workers to pick me up or I walk or sometimes I take Uber.”

The brand new car was personally delivered by Ellen and Andy. And, Flor will no longer have to take the Uber or walk as she has now her own car.

“No more Ubers for you… ”

“Just know how much we love you and appreciate you. When you’re exhausted and when there are times when you can barely go on anymore, just remember how many people love you and how many people are so grateful for you.”

-Ellen Stated after delivering the car to Flor

Watch the full video here:

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Source: Ellen Degeneres

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