EECQ Lifted for Sitio Atta, Barangay Cruz, La Trinidad

Recently, COVID-19 cases from La Trinidad increased, and among them is a resident of Sitio Atta, Barangay Cruz, La Trinidad Benguet. This prompted the Government of La Trinidad to place three sitios under Extreme Enhanced Community Quarantine. On top of that, government officials also conducted contact tracing which yielded negative results for the area of Sitio Atta within the 4-days EECQ.

Extreme Enhanced Community Quarantine Lifted

It is because of the fact that contact tracing yielded negative COVID-19 transmission result in the area.  The Mayor of La Trinidad has lifted the Extreme Enhanced Community Quarantine in Sitio Atta, Barangay Cruz, La Trinidad, Benguet effective 6:00 PM today April 30, 2020.

Next steps after EECQ

With the lifting of the EECQ this means the following:

  1. Sitio Atta’s status will revert back to being under Enhanced Community Quarantine.
  2. Checkpoints / Barriers in the area will be pulled-out.
  3. Store located within the area may reopen under the schedule set by the Barangay.
  4. Sitio Atta residents who have secured a Special pass from the Barangay, will be allowed to restock/purchase goods on May 1, 2020 from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

For the other two Sitios placed under EECQ, the municipal government is still awaiting the results of the swab tests before they decide on whether or not to lift the EECQ.



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