DOST – PTRI Develops REwear, a Face Mask Brand that Conforms to WHO Guidelines

DOST – PTRI Develops REwear, a Face Mask Brand that Conforms to WHO Guidelines

DOST – PTRI Develops REwear Face Masks

The Department of Science and Technology – Philippine Textile Research Institute (DOST – PTRI) on June 24, 2020, has revealed that they have developed a reusable, washable, and re-wearable face mask brand they call the REwear.

As stated in the update made by the DOST – PTRI, the REwear face mask brand has been developed as a quick response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
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WHO: Advice on the Use of Masks

According to the DOST – PTRI, it is now evident that the scientific perspective applied to the development of the REwear Face Mask has a good basis.

This is since it conforms to the recommendations which have been published by the World Health Organization (WHO) in their document entitled the “Advice on the use of masks in the context of COVID-19: Interim guidance” on June 5, 2020.

Within WHO’s COVID-19: Interim guidance, some guidelines and considerations in the making of a non-medical mask has been stated.

These guidelines and considerations include parameters such as the type of material, breathability, number of layers, combinations of materials used, mask shape, and coating.

Thus, based on the recommendations for each parameter, the DOST – PTRI has revealed that the REwear conforms to the guidelines.

More About the REwear Face Masks

The Layers of REwear Face Masks

Wondering what the REwear Face Masks are made of and what it looks like? This the REwear Face Masks as described by the DOST – PTRI on their Transparency News Feed:

“The REwear mask is made up of four (4) layers of cotton-rich fabrics. The innermost layer is absorbent (hydrophilic), the middle layer consists of two pieces of fabric for additional filtration capability while the outer layer is water-repellent (hydrophobic) to prevent the absorption of liquid droplets that may contain microbes and viruses. The outer layer is infused with DOST-PTRI’s textile treatment technology that renders a fabric resistant to a liquid without affecting its breathability. Additionally, the shape of the REwear mask is duckbill or curved.”

For Interested Parties

Moreover, the technology adoption for the REwear face mask, as announced by the DOST – PTRI, is already open to textile processors and interested parties.

For Producers and Suppliers of Masks

In addition, the REwear as a Safety Mark, is also being offered by the Research Institute to interested producers and suppliers of masks who wish to have their products tested for safety and performance required of a face mask.

WHO and DOST – PTRI on Use of Masks

The WHO COVID-19: Interim Guidance have truly provided direction to decision-makers and has given recommendations on the proper use of masks both in health care settings and the general community.

However, as stated by the DOST – PTRI, using masks alone is not enough in providing an adequate level of protection to the people.

Everyone should still abide by the infection prevention and control (IPC) measures such as proper washing of hands and physical distancing to avoid transmission of COVID-19.





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