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Curfew Violators in a Town in Ifugao Required to Render Community Service

Curfew violators in the town of Asipulo in the Province of Ifugao are required to render community service. This is as Asipulo Mayor Armando Domilod issued Executive Order No. 32 which imposes the curfew hours and penalty to violators.

“The municipality maintains its COVID-19 free status, however, cases in the adjacent provinces continue to rise so there’s a need to implement curfew hours to protect such status.”

– Armando Domilod, Mayor of Asipulo

As reported by the Philippine Information Agency on Wednesday, August 26, 2020, the move is to limit the movement of persons as a measure to prevent the entry of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 or the COVID-19.

The curfew in the above-mentioned area shall be strictly followed by both adults and minors. The curfew hours are from 8:00 PM until 5:00 AM. Violators will render a minimum of four (4) hours of community service.

Individuals Exempted from the Curfew

However, some individuals are still exempted from the curfew in the town of Asipulo and they are the following:

  • Personnel of state forces
  • Bureau of Fire and Protection
  • Medical personnel
  • Philippine Red Cross
  • Barangay officials
  • Peacekeeping action teams
  • Duly authorized frontliners
  • Emergency responders
  • Other essential service workers

Those Who will Remove the Barricade will Also Community Service

During the curfew hours, a barricade will be placed across the road at the quarantine checkpoints. Attending health workers or patients may contact the Municipal Police Station or the concerned barangay captain for assistance should there be emergencies.

Unauthorized persons who will remove the barricade during the curfew will also serve forty (40) hours of community service. This is if their reason for removing the barricade is other than a health emergency.

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