Cordillera Task Force Releases an Advisory on the Issuance of Travel Authority for LSIs and ROFs

Cordillera Task Force Releases an Advisory on the Issuance of Travel Authority for LSIs and ROFs

The Cordillera Regional Task Force COVID-19 has released a public advisory on the issuance of Travel Authority to Locally Stranded Individuals (LSIs) and Returning Overseas Filipinos (ROFs) last May 16, 2020. 

Details such as issuing authorities, requirements for the issuance and other important information have been stated in the advisory.

Protocols in the Issuance of Travel Authority for LSIs and ROFs

In pursuant to PNP’s memorandum on the issuance of travel authority and  NTF Against COVID 19 Order No. 2020-02, here are the amended guidelines on the protocols in the issuance of Travel Authority for LSIs and ROFs.

Here are the issuing authorities based on the movement of the LSI or ROF from one area to another:

Chief of Police LSI/ROF from a barangay (origin) moving to another barangay (destination) belonging to the same municipality. 
Provincial Director LSI/ROF from a municipality/city (origin) moving to another municipality/city(destination) belonging to the same province.
Regional Director LSI/ROF from a region (origin) to another region (destination).

Requirements for the Issuance of Travel Authority

  1. Medical Clearance Certificate issued by City/Municipal Health Office based on the following condition:
    • That the LSI is neither a contact, suspect, or probable or confirmed COVID-19 case
    • That the LSI completed a 14-day quarantine based on the quarantine standards set by the Department of Health (DOH)
    • Or that LSI confirmed as a COVID-19 case was tested negative through the RT-PCR twice
  2. Certification from the Bureau of Quarantine (BOQ) for ROFs and COVID-19 negative RT-PCR results
  3. List of LSIs/ROFs
  4. Point of origin and their destination
  5. Travel date
  6. Name of driver and vehicle to be used with plate number

Letter of Acceptance by Receiving LGU

A Certificate or Letter of Acceptance by the receiving Local Government Unit (LGU) is no longer required.

However, for contact tracing purposes, PNP Offices/Units issuing travel authority shall forward a copy of the travel authority and list of LSIs/ROFs to PNP Offices/Units who have jurisdiction on the destination of LSIs/ROF. 

SOURCE Province of Kalinga Facebook Page


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