Cafe Yagam From Local To Global

When you enter Cafe Yagam you immediately feel that warm feeling you get when you enter a home in the mountains of Cordillera. For Carla, opening Cafe Yagam is to invite diners to learn more about the Cordilleran culture through food and coffee. On top of that, Carla would want Cordillerans who dine at Cafe Yagam to taste the familiar Cordilleran dishes that they enjoy. The mission to help people understand the Cordilleran culture and for Cordillerans to reconnect with their roots through food is what keeps Carla and her team at Cafe Yagam to continue serving the public.

Cafe Yagam Coffee Advocacy

Aside from the advocacy to introduce Cordilleran dishes to the world, Cafe Yagam has an advocacy to help the coffee farmers of Benguet. In collaboration with the Cordillera Green Network, Cafe Yagam helps Benguet Coffee farmers by serving only the coffee the comes from a local source. In Benguet, one of the most abundant types of coffee is the Arabica coffee. The Arabica coffee is considered to be one of the coffee beans with the highest quality, therefore, whenever you order coffee at Cafe Yagam you are sure that you are getting only the highest quality of coffee.

From Local To Global

Taking Cafe Yagam to the local stage is already a difficult process, Carla mentioned that during the initial stages of their cafe, it is rare for clients to find the location of their coffee shop. Fueled by the passion to make Cafe Yagam thrive and in turn make their advocacies thrive as well, Carla turned into getting her business online.

She started this with the help of Baguio City Guide, a hyperlocal directory advertising platform that allows local businesses have their own page online. Carla also signed up with Google My Business, a platform that allows business owners manage their online presence using different Google products like Google Adwords, Google Analytics among others. This also helped Cafe Yagam gain significant “real estate” on Google’s search engine results page. From then on the popularity of Cafe Yagam snowballed up to the point where the Cafe was featured by bloggers as well as national media.

It is because of this online presence that Cafe Yagam has entered the Global stage becoming one of the top 24 with the best GBG (Google Business Group) story. As of today, Cafe Yagam was just announced to be among the Top 9 entries. Winners of Which will be determined via Voting. Please Show your support by Voting here.

To take Cafe Yagam on to the global stage it took patience and the right motivation and then some. A story worth emulating for those who want to enter the competitive world of food business in Baguio City.

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  1. I’ve been there with my grandson and savored their great mix of exotic and organic food and beverages. An experience one shouldn’t miss when in the city of pines.

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