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Buying a property or opening a business in Baguio? Consult the City Planning Office first

The weekly “Ugnayan” of the City Government of Baguio experienced a deluge of concerns regarding the issuance of business and building permits. Concerns about business and building permits became a community concern as some if not many people experienced difficulty in obtaining said permits. Mostly because of the now strict implementation of City Ordinances specifically on zoning.

According to City Planning and Development Coordinator, Architect Donna Tabangin, Baguio City will be entering a state of urban decay by 2043. To arrest this impending problem, the implementation of proper zoning of residential and commercial areas is a must.

According to the presentation of Architect Tabangin, Baguio City should have started fixing the zoning problem in 1988. The increase in the population in Baguio City depleted the recommended area of green/open space for each individual as well as the recommended water usage per day for an individual.

Delay or Denial of Business Permits

To prevent the predicted decay of Baguio City in 2043 from happening, strict implementation of the city zoning is being implemented. This is the reason why some business permits, as well as building permits, are not immediately issued. Putting up a commercial establishment in a strictly residential area is just among the reasons that there are delays in the issuance of the permits or worst, denial of the business permit application. The lack of parking spaces for commercial establishments is also seen as a cause for the delay in the approval of the City Planning and Development office, until such time that the business owner can provide sufficient parking space for the business.

Before Buying a Property or Opening a Business

Due to the strict implementation of the zoning guidelines, would-be investors and property owners could run the risk of losing money if they proceed with buying a property or entering into a lease agreement without knowing if their purpose for buying the property or for opening a business conforms with the zoning guidelines of Baguio City. This is the reason why Architect Donna Tabangin of the City Planning and Development Office (CPDO) advised the public to first consult the City planning office prior to purchasing or leasing a property in Baguio City. This way, would-be property/business owners in Baguio will be able to know if the type of structure they want to build or the type of business they want to open is according to the zoning guidelines. For now, this is the solution seen by the CPDO as also explained by the City Administrator, pending the official release of the zoning map of Baguio City so the public may easily determine for themselves the zoning category of every area in Baguio.

Watch the Ugnayan Here

For more information or to consult the City Planning and Development Office you can reach them at the following numbers: 09614945968 or 09171420867.


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