Big Belly Restaurant: Why Their Pizza is Worth the Trip

Big Belly Restaurant is a new food place located on the outskirts of Baguio, literally just past the border going to Tuding, Itogon. During the holidays, finding a good place to dine at the Central Business District of Baguio was a bit challenging because it’s the holiday rush. Famished and wanting to try something new, we searched for restaurants that are away from the hustles and bustles of the city, and are worth the trip for our hungry stomachs.

Big Belly Restaurant

What I noticed upon entering the yard was that it had a very open and spacious parking lot that can fit around 10 cars or even more. The restaurant itself looked like a contemporary home that has a see-through glass window on the side, showcasing the modern staircase and chandelier. It was beautiful during Christmas time because of the decorations that were well-lit and bright inside and out.

When entering the restaurant, I noticed that the front desk looks very clean and elegant as if it was a foyer of a hotel. The interior had minimal decorations and built-in designs, allowing the space to look very open, with the tables lined up and tidy as well. There is also a TV (with updated movies) placed on top of the fireplace where customers can watch while waiting for their orders.

Mozzarella Balls

big belly restaurant mozzarella balls

Unfortunately, they did not have much available that evening (I’m guessing because of the holiday rush), so we ordered mozzarella balls as an appetizer. One serving contained 5 pieces. The mozzarella balls were very crispy on the outside while the inside is melty and creamy when trying to stretch the cheese apart. Since there was no marinara or tartar sauce, I made use of the hot sauce instead. Overall, this appetizer was very chewy and had a smooth texture while at the same time, it gave slight crunches in every bite due to the crispy breading. I would have loved it more if it had some kind of sauce that will complement its taste.

Nacho Fries with Chili Con Carne

Another appetizer we got was the nacho fries with chili con carne. The serving of fries was topped with melted cheese, making the dish look mouthwatering. The beef and beans had a sweet and spicy flavor to them while the cheese lessened the seasoning, giving it a milder taste. 

Hawaiian Five Cheese

For the main dish, the Hawaiian Five Cheese Pizza and let me tell you, it was one of the creamiest cheese pizzas I have ever had. As it has five types of cheeses, I was surprised it was served as a thin pan pizza rather than it being thick but I guess most of the different types of cheeses were mixed together rather than each one being layered on top of one another. I believe cream cheese was spread all over underneath the mixed cheeses because there is a creamy consistency unlike the ones on top that were more stuck together.

I love how the pineapples gave the sweet flavor of the whole dish since the cheese had a lenient taste. The cheese had a consistent smooth texture, and while the pizza had a thin crust, it was crunchy but also chewy at the same time, if that is even possible.

It’s safe to say from the title that I loved every bite of this pizza, and if you are not a fan of pineapples on pizza, this might change your mind. You can also try out their different pizza flavors.

All in all, my experience at Big Belly Restaurant was great. The setting made it feel like I was eating at a hidden luxurious home! Since the holiday is over, I would love to be back next time to try out their different dishes and of course, another order of the Hawaiian Five Cheese Pizza.

Big Belly Restaurant Location

  • Operating Hours: Daily: 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM
  • Location: Big Belly Restaurant is located at 1 Baguio-Bua-Itogon Rd, 2604 Tuding, Philippines
  • Contact Number: +63 999 572 2952
  • Facebook Page: Big Belly Restaurant
  • Reservations & Walk-ins accepted
  • Pet-friendly
  • Wide parking space
  • Free WiFi

Big Belly Restaurant Menu

Source: Big Belly Restaurant Facebook Page

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