Benguet Arabica Chocolates at IFEX Philippines

Benguet’s Arabica Chocolate featured at IFEX Philippines

Dulche Chocolates’ Arabica Chocolate is one of the new seven (7) Filipino Chocolate Treats which were showcased at the Philippine Cacao Pavilion during the IFEX Philippines NXTFOOD ASIA last May 24 to 26, 2019.

According to event organizer Pauline Suaco-Juan, the Executive Director of the Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM), “Buyers and visitors from major target markets abroad were delighted with heavenly treats by makers of cacao—also known as the ‘Food of the Gods’—at the Philippine Cacao Pavilion.”  

Dulche Chocolates’ Arabica Chocolates

Dulche Chocolates is the first ever chocolate brand from Benguet. And with its Arabica Chocolates, the brand showcases coffee and cacao, two of the highlands’ best Philippine agri-commodities.

Arabica Chocolates’ bitter-sweet taste is definitely a catch for coffee lovers.

Where to buy Arabica Chocolates and other products of Dulche Chocolates

Dulche Chocolates doesn’t have a physical shop as of the moment but for those who would like to try their chocolates, you can buy them from any of the following:

  • Vincent’s Place
  • DTI OTOP Hub
  • Ecolodge Magsaysay
  • Health 102 – Gen. Luna Rd.
  • H.O.Y. – Marcos Highway

Other New Filipino Chocolates at IFEX Philippines

Auro Chocolates’ ‌68% Dark Chocolate – Mango 

This new chocolate by Auro Chocolates is a new way to enjoy the combination of Mango and Philippine-sourced chocolate. Each of its pieces is carefully freeze dried to a crisp to allow everyone to enjoy the crunch without the oil.

Wit’s Sweets and Savouries’ Tangy Granola with Green Mango and Cacao Nibs

Tangy Granola is a combination of mood-boosting cacao nibs and tangy flavor of green mangoes. Aside from this, other flavors of the granola are classic tasty, coffee, zesty and spicy.

Chocoloco’s Dark Chocolate Nibs with Cranberries

Chocoloco’s Dark Chocolate Nibs are made from fermented cacao beans that undergo perfect roasting. In the end, they are coated with premium organic coconut sap sugar.

Cacao Culture’s Cacao Tea

Unlike the common tablea, the Cacao Tea is made with the cacao beans’ outer shell – the cacao husk. The husks used in Cacao Tea are from quality beans harvested from Davao City, the Philippines’ Chocolate Capital.

MS3 Choco’s Pili Choc

Pili Choc is a mixture of premium cacao and the healthy Pili nuts that contain proteins, and vitamins & minerals.

Chocoliz/Saret Organic Farmville’s 100% Cacao Bar 

The 100% Cacao Bar by Chocoliz is a guiltless sugar-free treat that is made from organic cacao grown by Saret Organic Farmville. It undergoes less processing compared to other chocolates which makes it healthier too.

Philippine Cacao

Cacao is one of the country’s “Premium 7” products for export that has been produced since the 17th century. The other export products included in this are banana, coffee, coconut, mango, pineapple, and tuna.

Varieties of Cacao

There are three varieties of cacao and all of them are produced in the Philippines.

  • Trinitario beans
    • mid-value
    • majority of beans produced in the country are of this variety
  • Criollo beans
    • have lower yield
    • produced by older trees
  • Forastero beans
    • higher value
    • Some farmers are starting to plant this variety in local fams.

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