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Benguet Records 33 New Cases and 14 Recoveries Today

New cases and recoveries were recorded today, January 13, 2021 (Wednesday), in the Province of Benguet. Data of the latest update in the province was posted by PIO-Benguet EOC.

33 New Cases in Benguet

These are the details of the new cases listed today:

9 New Cases in Kapangan

  • 65-year-old Male Gadang
  • 8-year-old Male Gadang
  • 37-year-old Male Gadang
  • 17-year-old Male Gadang
  • 64-year-old Male Gadang
  • 59-year-old Female Gadang
  • 58-year-old Female Gadang
  • 19-year-old Female Gadang
  • 27-year-old Female Sagubo

8 New Cases in Bakun

  • 1-year-old Male Gambang
  • 30-year-old Male Gambang
  • 6-year-old Male Gambang
  • 33-year-old Male Gambang
  • 7-year-old Female Gambang
  • 30-year-old Female Gambang
  • 11-year-old Female Gambang
  • 34-year-old Female Gambang

5 New Cases in Mankayan

  • 47-year-old Male Sapid
  • 41-year-old Male Sapid
  • 31-year-old Male Sapid
  • 42-year-old Male Sapid
  • 29-year-old Male Sapid

5 New Cases in Itogon

  • 70-year-old Male Tuding
  • 14-year-old Male Tuding
  • 45-year-old Male Tuding
  • 66-year-old Male (Deceased)
  • 67-year-old Female Tuding

3 New Cases in La Trinidad

  • 44-year-old Male Pico
  • 28-year-old Male Tawang
  • 64-year-old Female Poblacion

3 New Cases in Tuba

  • 14-year-old Male Poblacion
  • 28-year-old Female Tadiangan
  • 24-year-old Female Poblacion

14 New Recoveries in Benguet

These municipalities in Benguet have logged new recoveries:

  • 2 recoveries from Itogon
  • 1 recovery from Kapangan
  • 9 recoveries from La Trinidad
  • 2 recoveries from Tuba

Total Cases in Benguet

  • Total Cases: 3,534
  • Total Recoveries: 3,160
  • Active Cases: 331
  • Total Fatalities: 43

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Source: PIO-Benguet EOC

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