converge fiber x in baguio city

Beneco Starts Opening Converge Fiber X Applications in Baguio City

Converge Fiber X has just been opened for application by the Benguet Electric Cooperative Inc., as another option for a hopefully faster internet connection for the residents of Baguio City.

List of Barangays

Below is an initial list of the barangays Beneco has initially released who can now apply for a connection:

Barangay Site Name
Apugan-Loakan Apugan-Loakan
Atok Trail                                                          Atok Trail                                                         
Bakakeng Central Chapis Village Phase 1
Bakakeng Central Chapis Village Phase 2
Bakakeng Central Upper & Lower Kitma
Bakakeng Central Bakakeng Central
Bakakeng Central Crystal Cave
Bakakeng Central Crystal Dale Subdivision
Bakakeng Central Crystal Cave Phase 2
Bakakeng Central Bakakeng Central- Centerpoint Mall
Bakakeng Central Bakakeng Central – PNB Ville
Bakakeng Central Bakakeng Central – Bengao Road
Bakakeng North Bakakeng
Bakakeng North Bakakeng North
Balsigan MTF Marcos Highway
Balsigan Balsigan
BGH Compound Philam-BGH Compound
BGH Compound MTF Marcos Highway
BGH Compound Kennon
Camp 7 Kennon
Camp 7 Agpaoa St.
Camp 7 Camp 7 – Sarok
Camp 7 Woodsville Subdivision
Camp 7 Parisas
Camp 7 Woodsgate Subdivision
Camp 7 Amparo Heights
Camp 7 Petersville Subdivision
Camp 7 Amistad St.
Camp 7 Richgate Square Subdivision
Camp 7 Lexber Heights Phase 1
Camp 7 Lexber Heights Phase 2
Camp 7 Upper and Lower Pias
Camp 7 Carino Village
Camp 7 Military Cut-off

Barangay Site Name
Camp 8 Camp 8
Dontogan Dontogan
DPS Compound DPS
Engineer’s Hill Engineer’s Hill
Engineer’s Hill Teachers Camp Engineer’s Hill
Ferdinand Ferdinand
Gabriela Silang Military Cut-off
General Luna – Salud Mitra General Luna Upper – Salud Mitra
General Luna Upper General Luna- Yangco Road
Green Water Village Military Cut-off
Hillside Military Cut-off
Imelda Marcos MTF Marcos Highway
Imelda Marcos Imelda Marcos
Liwanag Loakan Kadaclan Village A
Liwanag Proper Cudirao
Liwanag-Loakan Liwanag-Loakan Phase 1
Liwanag-Loakan Liwanag-Loakan Phase 2
Loakan Proper Kennon
Loakan Proper Loakan Proper- Magsaysay Drive
Marcoville Marcoville
Military Cut-off Military Cut-off
Philam Philam-BGH Compound
Poliwes Poliwes
San Vicente Kennon
San Vicente San Vicente
Santo Tomas Proper Suello Village
Santo Tomas Proper Teacher’s Village
Santo Tomas Proper Santo Tomas Proper
Santo Tomas Proper Santo Tomas Proper, Roseville St.
Scout Barrio Military Cut-off
Sta. Escolastica Military Cut-off
Sto. Rosario Santo Rosario
Upper & Lower Dagsian Military Cut-off

According to Beneco, more areas will be available for service soon.

UPDATE: Additional service areas as of July 1, 2019

Barangay Site Name
Ambiong Mtf Rimando Rd.
Aurora Hill North Central  
Aurora Hill Proper Mtf Rimando Rd.
Aurora Hill South Central- Brookspoint  
Bayan Park East Mtf Rimando Rd.
Bayan Park Village Mtf Rimando Rd.
Brgy Lualhati Lualhati-Lucnab
Brgy. Lucnab Lualhati-Lucnab
Brgy. Manuel Roxas Brentwood Subdivision
Brgy. Outlook Drive Lualhati-Lucnab
Brgy. Pucsusan Lualhati-Lucnab
Brookside Mtf Rimando Rd.
Brookspoint Mtf Rimando Rd.
Cabinet Hill- Teachers Camp Leonard Wood- Ambuklao Road Mtf
Camp 7 Military Cut-Off
Country Club Village Saint Joseph Village- Happy Hallow
East Bayan Park Rd. Ph. 1  
East Bayan Park Rd. Ph. 2  
Gibraltar Gibraltar-Minesview
Gibraltar Leonard Wood- Ambuklao Rd. Mtf
Happy Hallow Saint Joseph Village- Happy Hallow
Holy Ghost Extension Honeymoon-Aurora Hill South Central Ph. 1
Honeymoon Mtf Rimando Rd.
Honeymoon Honeymoon-Aurora Hill South Central Ph. 1
Imelda Village Honeymoon-Aurora Hill South Central Ph. 1
Manuel Roxas Honeymoon-Aurora Hill South Central Ph. 1
Manuel Roxas Leonard Wood- Ambuklao Rd. Mtf
Mines View Gibraltar-Minesview
Modern Site East Honeymoon-Aurora Hill South Central Ph. 1
New Lucban Mtf Rimando Rd.
New Lucban-Teodoro Alonzo  
North Central Aurora Hill Mtf Rimando Rd.
Pacdal Leonard Wood- Ambuklao Rd. Mtf
Saint Joseph Village Ph. 2 Saint Joseph Village- Happy Hallow
Saludmitra Leonard Wood- Ambuklao Rd. Mtf
San Antonio Village                                   San Antonio Village                                  
South Drive Saint Joseph Village- Happy Hallow
St. Joseph Village St. Joseph Village Ph. 1
Upper General Luna Leonard Wood- Ambuklao Rd. Mtf
Upper Session Road Leonard Wood- Ambuklao Rd. Mtf

Note from BENECO (July 1, 2019):

Please be informed that due to the sudden increase in the volume of applications being received by our office, subscription installation dates have been adjusted. Nonetheless, we would like to assure our subscribers that the management is already addressing the issue on the delay in installation.

How to Apply for Converge Fiber X in Baguio

Interested applicants must submit the following requirements:

  • (1) Photocopy of Valid ID
  • (2) Photocopy of Proof of Billing

They can submit said requirements at the Beneco Main Office located at South Drive, Baguio City.


For inquiries, contact the following numbe:

  • 0939 903 4912

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  1. Interested

  2. interested

  3. I would like to express my interest to avail Internet services through Converge Fiber X. I am hoping that the Fiber line will reach in our place in MEGA REALM SUB DIVISION SHILAN Area. That is actually a new Sub Division where almost a 100 residence already in that area.

    Thank you very much

  4. interested

  5. I am interested too. I hope it can be available in our area (Munoz Drive Asin Road Baguio City). Thank you! ^^

  6. We are interested also in your new product. I hope it will soon be available here in north sanitary camp baguio city.

  7. i am intereated on applying converge at my house.. apparently the nearest is at atok trail and our house is at kias.. is there any possible good connection there.. hope to hear from you. asap

  8. Hi!.. I want to apply. But is it possible that you can install it during this quarantine time?.. I really do need to install a stronger internet connection because of my work.

    1. Magandang Baguio, Aubrey! According to their Facebook Page announcement dated March 23, their business center located at DPS compound will be closed and applications and installations are suspended until further notice in compliance with the declaration for a Luzon wide home quarantine. However, you may visit their website for online applications.

  9. How much is the installation fee?

  10. I want to avail braodband for our home here in Dominican-Mirador. Can I submit my application online. Kindly reply ASAP, I need already connection for classes is already starting. I am a teacher.

  11. Interested, hoping it will be available soon here in Pinsao

  12. mag one month na since ako ay nagbayad sa converege till now wala pa din august 11 mag one month.. 1week to go sana maikabit niyo po.

  13. Sir/madam
    How about here in tuding?
    Can i avail for the said internet connectio

  14. Pano po pag walang proof of billing such as electricity, water, internet, cable, and telecommunication bills kac nag-re-rent lang po kami sir?

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