Ben&Ben Drops “Lifetime” Official Music Video

It was in the month in June this year when the nine-piece folk-pop band Ben&Ben has officially released the official lyric video and the heartfelt story behind their hit song called Lifetime.

Following the success of their song, just this Wednesday, July 29, 2020, the Official Music Video for Ben&Ben’s Lifetime has finally premiered on YouTube, trending on the number six (#6) spot on YouTube on the same day.

Just a day after its official release, as of around noon of July 30, 2020, the music video has continued to gain popularity by hitting the number seven (#7) spot on the YouTube trending list in the country with already over three hundred and ninety thousand (390,000) views.

About Ben&Ben’s “Lifetime” Official Music Video

Patricio Villalobos and Marina Domingues are the starts in the official music video of Lifetime which was written and directed by Raymond Dacones and Trina Razon.

The start of the video will automatically grab your attention with its stunning cinematography and its story will keep you tuned in until the end of the video, leaving you with tons of emotions.

Watch Ben&Ben’s “Lifetime” Official Music Video

Haven’t seen the Official Music Video of Ben&Ben’s Lifetime yet? Here it is!

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What to Love About Ben & Ben’s “Lifetime” and the Story Behind

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