Ben&Ben Dominates South Korean Music Streaming Site

The well known Filipino band Ben&Ben has an entire collection of heartfelt songs, which is why it’s no longer surprising if many of us have already fallen in love with their masterpieces and with the band itself.

Do you know what’s a bit surprising though?

It’s the fact that Ben&Ben seems to have managed to capture the hearts of South Korea as well! That’s right, while most of us here in the Philippines are enjoying KPop music, its as if Koreans are also showing interest to our beloved OPM.

Ben&Ben Trended in South Korea

Just this July 22, 2020, YG Charts (@charts_yg), a Twitter account dedicated to sharing updates of YG Entertainment artists such as Blackpink, BigBang, and iKon; have made a tweet, not about Korean artists, but rather about the band Ben&Ben with their song entitled “Leaves.”

“A Filipino Band Ben&Ben is currently trending #1 and also occupied the #2, #3, #6, and #7 position on Melon Realtime Search Chart – 19:40 KST and I don’t know why,” said in the caption of YG Charts’s tweet.

Furthermore, on the same day, the band reacted to the good news. “Can’t believe it,” said Ben&Ben via their official Twitter account. “We’re trending # 1 in south korea.”

How did This Happen?

No one knows for sure how exactly Ben&Ben ended up under the spotlight that day, but there is some spotted reason which might have greatly contributed to making the trend.

Earlier, minutes after the YG Charts Twitter account has revealed the trending list, two artists from different KPop groups – Young K of the Korean band DAY 6 and Mark Lee of  NCT 127 – have made a Tweet about Ben&Ben and their song “Leaves.”

Here are the Following Tweets

For Those Who haven’t Heard “Leaves” Yet

Ben&Ben’s “Leaves” has been around for a few years now, but if you still haven’t heard of it yet or if you would like to listen to it again, here’s the Leaves Official Lyric Video.

Are You a Fan of Ben&Ben Too

Are you also a fan of Ben&Ben? If so, comment below your top three favorite Ben&Ben songs and why those are your favorites.

To add on your favorite songs, also check out two of their latest singles from the months of June and July, Lifetime and Nakikinig Ka Ba Sa Akin.

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YG Chats Twitter Account

Ben&Ben Twitter Account

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