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Baguio Hymn and Baguio March Should Be Sung in City Programs and Functions

The Baguio Hymn and Baguio March should be sung or played during functions and programs in the city of Baguio. This is according to the resolution recently signed by Mayor Benjamin Magalong on March 15, 2021.

As stated on the resolution, the Baguio Hymn should be sung or played after the National Anthem or “Ang Bayan Kong Pilipinas” while the Baguio March be played at any part of activities such as but not limited to:

  • Flag raising ceremonies;
  • Programs or functions of the City Government of Baguio and of the barangays;
  • Programs or activities initiated, sponsored, or coordinated by or with the City Government of Baguio;
  • Programs, celebrations, or activities initiated or coordinated by accredited and city-registered non-government organizations and civic orientated groups;
  • Every sign-on or sign-off of all media stations; and
  • City and tourism activities of the City Government of Baguio in any place as well as in official city gatherings or meetings outside the city.

The resolution to sing the Baguio anthems was passed by Councilor Fred Bagbagen to boost one’s pride as a Baguio City resident and will certainly promote patriotism and camaraderie.

History of Baguio Hymn and Baguio March

Both hymns were submitted as entries to a hymn writing contest as part of the City of Baguio’s Diamond Jubilee celebration in 1984. “Beautiful Baguio” was composed by Ms. Basilisa Cachero Pimentel while “Baguio: Haven for All,” which won first place, was written by late Arnulfo “Arnold” Badasen Cadangen.

In 1993, the City Council of Baguio formally declared “Baguio: Haven for All” as the official Baguio Hymn and “Beautiful Baguio” as the Baguio March through Ordinance No. 052, series of 1993.

Baguio Hymn Lyrics

O, Baguio haven for all people,
For you we thank the Lord and God of all.
Pine sifted sunshine, air we breathe so fresh
Tranquil beauty and invigorating breeze.

Your countless wonders known afar and near,
Your verdant hills oft kissed by clouds of pearl.
Myriad flowers bloom so beautiful in you,
Like children of every land and hue.

For any race whether dark or light,
None can resist your great invite,
To love and live in you forever,
Our Eden dream and gift of the Creator.

Baguio March Lyrics

All hail, ye, Baguio City, beloved home so dear
We praise thee, we serve thee, wherever we may be
We’re proud of your beauty, long live we sing to thee
Baguio City pride of our country, we pledge our loyalty.
Beautiful Baguio with mountain so grand
Crowned with green pine trees and sashed with moss so fine
Num’rous white lilies and flowers all kinds
Bedecked you mountainsides beneath the foggy skies
Beautiful Baguio united we stand
Willing to offer our hearts and our hands
Great mountain city with treasures abound
You are jewel of our dear motherland.

SOURCE: Sangguniang Panglungsod Baguio

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