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Baguio City 2022 Drive during Typhoon #KardingPH

Baguio City drive 2022: Driving around the city during Typhoon Karding

Before going for errands, we drove around the city a bit on Monday morning. Thankfully, super typhoon weakened into a typhoon when it made a landfall, Benguet went from Wind Signal No. 2 to 1. During our drive, parts of the city was covered with thick fog.

Drive with us

Baguio City Guide Playlist

Track list:
1. Still your girl – Gamma Skies
2. SHIVERS – Loving Caliber
3. Coming Home – Gamma Skies
4. Nostalgique – The Eastern Plain
5. Aero Plane – Amos Noah
6. Bye bye love – Windshield
7. Not Blue – Kylie Dailey
8. Winter Months – Sleepaway Camp
9. Aint Gonna Live Like This No More – Bo the Drifter

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