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All Mosques in Baguio Closed to Avoid Gatherings

All Mosques in Baguio Closed to Avoid Gatherings

National Commission on Muslim Filipinos Director Abel Macarimpas assured Mayor Benjamin Magalong that all mosques in Baguio City have been padlocked to ensure that Muslim groups will not gather in observance of the Ramadan.

According to the director, he received a report about one group that used to pray in a congregation so he added more padlocks to secure the certain mosque where they used to gather.

On the other hand, Director Macarimpas said that administrators swore that the other mosques in the city had remained closed since the declaration of the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ).

Ramadan Rites During ECQ

According to Mayor Magalong, since the start of the ECQ, gatherings have not been allowed, which is why the rite for this year’s Ramadan should strictly be private and family-focused. 

Stay at Home and Stay Safe

While the Coronavirus Disease 2019 or COVID-19 pandemic is still existent, may we all cooperate with the guidelines and advisories implemented by our local and national government. The more we abide by the rules set to diminish or at least slow the transmission of the disease, the sooner we can beat the pandemic.



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