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After re-opening yesterday, Baguio city Mayor suspends night market operations

December 1, 2020, was announced as the re-opening of Baguio City’s night market. One of the steps taken by the City Government of Baguio to revitalize the economy of the city. The opening of the night market was also a move to help displaced vendors restore their livelihood due to the effects of the pandemic.


The opening of the night market coincided with the lighting of the Christmas tree at Session Road among other programs and activities as traditionally observed in Baguio City with a few exemptions like the Silahis ng Pasko and the 12th Annual SLU Lantern parade which was conducted “on-air”.

At the Baguio Night Market re-opening photo taken around 10:00 PM

Suspending the Night Market Operations

During the re-opening of the night market, there were apparent lapses especially in the area of crowd control. Physical distancing was one of the health protocols that was not observed due to the influx of the crowd at the night market, which dissipated later at around 10PM. The night market was supposed to only operate until 11PM.

At the Baguio Night Market Photo taken past 10:00 PM

It is because of these apparent lapses that the City Mayor of Baguio has ordered the market superintendent and the city treasurer to conduct a post-assessment of the night market re-opening with the purpose of evaluating the incident and to find the solutions to identified weak points and vulnerabilities during the conduct of the night market.

While the re-opening of the night market was done to help restart the economy in Baguio City, the mayor stated that this should be done with care and without putting the health and safety of the citizens at risk.


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