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6 Instagram Marketing Tips You Need to Know this 2022

If you don’t already know, almost everything online is temporary—what may be considered “in” right at this moment may be regarded as ‘out’ the next week or even as fast as tomorrow. You get the gist, right?

Simply put, the digital world is moving so fast that some things get left behind in the transition. Of course, this also applies to social media platforms like Instagram, particularly when it comes to marketing.

In just a snap of a finger, new promotional trends and algorithms may come into play and affect your brand’s ability to reach and effectively communicate with your consumers, target market, or community in general.

Don’t want to be lost in the transition? Then, follow these marketing tips and tricks for Instagram, which top social media management agencies in the Philippines swear by this 2022!

Use different content formats.

With the amount of information that’s being released and published on social media nowadays, it’s getting harder to get noticed. This is especially true if you’re a brand that’s only starting to venture into the digital platform, particularly on social networks.

To differentiate yourself from the rest and make your mark on your chosen platform, the best way to go is to diversify the content. Apart from using static images for your posts, you should also utilize other media forms like video, infographics, blogs, user-generated content (UGC), and more.

By doing this, you not only set yourself apart from your competitors but also maintain the interest of your audience and keep them coming back.

Connect with Influencers.

Another effective strategy you can use to attract people to your social media page is through collaborating with popular internet personalities—in this case, influencers. Influencers have a huge hold over their audience and community, which means that partnering with them will get you assured results.

However, do not just partner with any influencer. You should pick one that is relevant to the industry your business belongs in and someone popular with your target audience and demographic.

Post regularly.

The frequency of your posts is directly tied to your brand’s growth on social media. For that reason, you should adhere to a regular posting program. The more consistent you are with the content you publish on your page, the better your engagement stats will perform.

However, do not overdo it. People on Instagram are not keen on being bombarded with updates constantly. You need to be strategic about your posts and avoid oversaturating your audience with too much information.

Know the best time to post.

While regular posting will help you reach your social media goals, particularly when it comes to audience interaction, it won’t be enough. You also need to publish content at the appropriate times.

On Instagram, it’s best to post when your target audience or consumers are active. This way, your posts will get more engagement and be seen by much more people.

To know when to post, all you have to do is to monitor your analytics. You can also check which posts are getting more likes, shares, and comments and identify the time of their posting.

Be strategic with your hashtags.

As we all know, hashtags are a big part of Instagram’s features. Many associates it with aesthetics and style but did you know that it’s more than just that? Hashtags are a big factor in the platform’s algorithm.

If you use hashtags, people will be able to find you on Instagram easily. However, don’t just use it haphazardly. Think carefully about how you’ll use them and always include them in your captions, comments, and stories.

It won’t do you good to employ random words as hashtags. It’s better if you use keywords that are relevant to your brand, particularly those that people associate with your products, services, and business.

Improve your captions.

Something that you should never go without when posting on Instagram is a caption. After all, creating one or attaching one to your post makes it more relatable and engaging. But most important of all, it allows you to be more informative.

Adding hashtags to your captions is also a must-do. This will help your post appear on search results better, specifically if your keywords are relevant to a user’s query.

Captions can range from short or long—both work if you make it a point to create high-quality ones and put in the effort.

So, what are you waiting for? Get the results that you want now by incorporating these marketing tips into your 2022 social media strategy!

It’s time to get yourself out of the rut and into the spotlight!

(Note: As we mentioned in the first part of this article, social media is a fast-paced environment. Everything can change in an instant. So, always keep an eye out for change, specifically when it comes to algorithms and trends on social networking platforms. By doing this, you do not get lost in the transition and keep yourself within your consumer and target audience’s minds. )

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