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Two COVID-19 Patients in Baguio Disclose Identity for Contact Tracing Purposes

Two patients who have tested positive for COVID-19 in Baguio City have decided to heed the call of Mayor Magalong by disclosing their identities to the public on July 29, 2020.

In a post released by the Public Information Office of the City of Baguio, the two patients have volunteered to share their personal information to help hasten the contact tracing efforts of the city government and prevent the further spread of COVID-19. The two patients were among the fourteen cases that were recorded last Saturday, July 25, 2020.

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63-year old Male COVID-19 Patient

Frederick Gallotan is a 63-year-old resident of Upper Apugan, Sto. Tomas. He is retired and is contentedly serving as the personal driver for members of his family. Aside from his family driver duties, he mostly stays at home to supervise their house improvement project. Gallotan took the swab test for senior citizens on July 23 and received the confirmatory results two days later, July 25. According to Gallotan, the result was a surprise as he was not exhibiting any symptoms, but he soon came to terms with it.

While the majority of Gallotan’s contacts had tested negative for the virus, he decided to disclose his identity just in case there were contacts he might have missed. “I hope that when they come to know of my condition, they would come forward to be checked,” he said. He also reminded the public to wear masks, have the presence of mind when it comes to obeying the safety rules set by the city.

26-year old Male COVID-19 Patient

Another patient who decided to help in the city’s battle of preventing further transmission of the Sars-CoV-2 virus is Jimmy Turdil. He is a 26-year old resident of Barangay New Lucban with no travel history. He works as a salesboy for fruits and clothing. In a statement he sent through a text message, no one told him to take the swab test, but upon learning that swab testing was available, he procured ten forms to fill up for himself and the vendors near their stall. He then filled up the form and got swab tested, wherein the results confirmed that he was COVID-19 positive.

“Wala po nagsabi sakin na mag swab test pero nalaman ko po na may nag saswab test kaya ayun po, kumuha ako ng forms, 10 piraso at pinamigay ko sa mga nagbebenta doon sa malapit sa pwesto namin at sinulatan ko saka ako nagpatest. Tapos nalaman ko na nasa akin n pala si uncle COVID-19 po mam.”

The contact tracing team identified more than 40 of Turdil’s contacts from his home, barangay, workplace, and other places he has visited. According to PIO, all of these contacts have undergone swab testing, and so far half of his contacts’ test came out negative.

Turdil has also agreed to disclose his identity to call the attention of those who may have had contact with him recently.

“Isang sabi lang ng pangalan ko, makikilala ako at maaalala nila kung nagkausap o nagkasama kami. Magpapatingin sila sa doktor at magagamot agad sila,” wika ni Jimmy.

He also mentioned that despite his high regard for social distancing and constant wearing of face mask, he should have been more careful. He is reminding the public to only go out when absolutely necessary and to follow minimum health standards such as social distancing and wearing of masks to avoid uncle COVID, as he jokingly calls the virus.

“Para di na lumalabas ung mga pasaway sana kung wala silang importanteng lakad wag na lumabas kasi po madami din ako nakikita na lumalabas wala naman ginagawa. Ang maipayo ko lang po sa mga lumalabas mag mask tsaka dumistansya sa kapwa tao po kung wala naman importanteng lakad wag muna lumabas lalo na sa matatanda. Baka nanjan lang sa tabi-tabi si uncle COVID po mam.”


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