This Garden Made My Plantita Heart Happy

First of all, I was not really into plants but I’m proud to say that I was one of those who became a plantita due to the pandemic. And, it was one of the productive things that happened to me while staying at home for months. Being at home alone for a long time and you have no companion at all to talk to is boring. So, instead of just sitting around, I decided to do something to keep myself busy and that is how my plantita journey started.

It is the dream of every plantita and plantito out there to collect lovely and adorable plants. But aside from collecting it is my ultimate dream to visit places full of different varieties of plants. Being at these places gives me peace of mind by just looking and appreciating the beauty of plants surrounding me. And recently, I was lucky to visit one of these havens that will surely make all plantita and also plantito’s heart happy. Who wouldn’t jump of joy if you are around plants you wish you could take home?

First Time Visit to Garden nen Ines

Finally, after months of spending most of my time at home, I was able to go out and visit one of the gardens here in La Trinidad, Benguet which is called the “Garden nen Ines”. This garden is far from the city and located in a quiet and peaceful area in Shilan, La Trinidad. Also, it was one of the tourist sites the municipality allowed to open for local tourists. It was my first visit to the said garden and here are the things inside the garden that will make all plantitas and plantitos’ hearts happy and excited.

Anthurium Garden

At the entrance of Garden nen Ines, beautiful anthurium plants will welcome you. This is the main attraction of the garden and you will be able to see not just one or two types of anthurium because there are different types planted in the field and you can closely have a look at each type as you tour the whole field. The garden is mostly covered by anthuriums and it is one of the factors that makes the place unique. I have never visited a garden or a farm full of different varieties of anthurium.

Dream Greenhouses

This part of Garden nen Ines is my favorite part. Just looking at what’s inside the greenhouse is absolutely a dream for every plantita. Different succulent plants and cactus are waiving right in front of me. It’s one of the areas where I can stay for long and individually appreciate all the plants present there. Let me give you a glimpse of what’s inside through this photo:

Also beside the greenhouse full of succulent is another greenhouse which houses more plants which are collected by the owner and this is what it looks like inside.

Both of the greenhouses are the definition of “plantita/plantito dream”.

The Wishing Well

One of the exciting parts of the garden aside from the plants is the wishing well. This is the right area where you can say all your wishes as a plantita hoping it might come true. Also, after saying your wish don’t forget to ring the bell. If ever you were able to visit Garden nen Ines in the future what would you wish? To have a garden of your own? Or, you wish to have more rare collection of plants?

Sit and Enjoy the View

After touring the whole anthurium field and the greenhouses, near the wishing well is a bench made of bamboo where you can relax and enjoy the cool breeze of the air while you are surrounded by anthurium plants. This is the perfect spot where you can have a break after a walk around the field. It’s quiet and cold just right to make yourself relaxed and stress-free.

Also, as a mark that you have visited the beautiful Garden nen Ines stop by at the photo booth area and have your picture taken. The photo booth is located in a spot where you have a pretty background of blooming anthurium flowers.

Garden nen Ines is just one of the many places here in Benguet all plantita and plantito must visit. There are more places like Garden nen Ines here in Benguet and beyond the province that offers a spectacular collection of plants. 

Always keep in mind that when visiting a place, just appreciate its beauty and leave nothing but footprints. Let us be a responsible visitor and help in maintaining the area so others would also have the chance to see it. 

Watch Garden nen Ines Tour

Here’s a tour of Garden nen Ines for you to watch. Enjoy watching!

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