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Morning Serenity: A Scenic Drive Through Some of Baguio City’s Landscapes

Watch the Morning Drive Here

🌄 Welcome to Morning Serenity in Baguio City! Join us on a tranquil early morning drive through the Summer Capital of the Philippines, starting at 6 AM, as the city awakens to a new day. Experience the serene beauty and the refreshing cool breeze that Baguio City is famous for.

📍 Route Highlights: Burnham Park: Witness the morning calm at one of Baguio’s most iconic landmarks, where nature and leisure meet. Upper Session Road: Drive along this bustling street, witnessing the city slowly come to life. Loakan to Kadaclan Village: Venture off the beaten path and discover the enchanting sea of clouds, a sight to behold and a moment to cherish.

🌳 Baguio City is known for its unique blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, and modern conveniences. Whether you’re a returning visitor or experiencing Baguio for the first time, this drive offers a glimpse into the city’s charming landscapes and vibrant spirit.

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