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Immediate Lockdown Ordered over 3 Barangays; 4 Areas Lockdown Lifted

The Office of the City Mayor, through the Memorandum 170, series of 2020, has ordered immediate implementation of lockdown over three (3) barangays effective today, August 10, 2020 until further notice.

Barangays under Lockdown

Here are the barangays ordered for immediate lockdown:

  • Barangay Abanao-Zandueta-Chugum-Kayang (AZCKO)
  • Puroks 2, 14-A and 27 of Irisan
  • Purok 10 of Pinget

The purpose of the lockdown is to facilitate contact tracing and disinfection of the area. This is also to ensure the safety and security of the residents who may have come in contact with the latest confirmed case.

Guidelines for Areas Under Lockdown:

Here are the following guidelines, as stated in Memorandum No. 144, Series of 2020, Lockdown procedures for purposes of contact tracingto be implemented in areas under lockdown for contact tracing purposes:

  1. Upon confirmation of new and validated confirmed COVID 19 cases, the Office of the City Mayor shall issue a Memorandum ordering a lockdown over the barangay of residence of confirmed patients;
  2. Within a period of 48 hours upon implementation of lockdown order, the Field Medical Officer and pairing investigator shall recommend a scaling down of the secured areas, limited to the purok or street where the patient resides. (Secured area refers to the complete barangay or the purok/street monitored by checkpoint personnel.)
  3. PNP Checkpoint personnel and assisting barangay officials shall immediately reassign checkpoints according to the recommendations of the Field Medical Officer and pairing investigator.
  4. The Punong Barangay, with the conformity of the PNP Checkpoint personnel, shall immediately notify the City Mayor’s Office of checkpoint assignment.
  5. A Memorandum lifting any lockdown Order shall be issued only upon the recommendation of the Contact Tracing Analysts Team.

Barangays Lockdown Lifted

In the same update by the Public Information Office of Baguio City, the Memorandum No. 171, series of 2020, orders the lifting of four (4) areas under lockdown orders, effective immediately.

  • Barangay Balsigan
  • Campo Filipino
  • Cresencia Village
  • Barangay Pacdal

Residents are reminded to continue abiding the City’s MGCQ rules and regulations.


Public Information Office – City of Baguio

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