First Brazilian Zombie Show Reality Z Has Come to Netflix | Will There Be a Season 2?

The entire Reality Z series has been previously made available on Netflix since last Wednesday, June 10, 2020.

This zombie show, created by Brazilian Director Claudio Torres, is Netflix’s first collaboration with Conspiracao, a multi-Emmy winning Brazilian production house.

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Reality Z on Netflix

Being the first Brazilian zombie show on the streaming platform, the story of Reality Z revolves around the contestants of a reality show called Olympus.

A zombie apocalypse has broken out while the reality TV show was in the middle of filming and the contestants were trapped in the TV studio where they must deal and fight with zombies.

Reality Z: An Adaptation

If you were already able to watch the Brazilian zombie show, you might have noticed that it seems kind of familiar. That’s because it’s an adaptation of the 2008 mini British horror-comedy series Dead Set by Charlie Brooker who is also the creator of Black Mirror.

While Dead Set has five episodes, Torres expanded the number of episodes to 10 for its adaptation, the Reality Z.

Will there be Reality Z Season 2? 

With episodes lasting for as short as 30 minutes only, many have already finished the chaotic Reality Z Season 1.

As such, a lot of fans are excited to know whether the series will have a second season. Unfortunately, Netflix has no official announcement yet on whether the Brazilian zombie show will have its second season.

On the other hand, Claudio Torres, in his previous interview with Deadline, said that he intended to make Reality Z last for many seasons.

“My challenge was to turn a five-part anthology miniseries into a series that can unfold into many seasons without losing the spirit, humor, and social critique that Charlie conceived in the original Dead Set. For a fantastic movie fan, direct the first Brazilian zombie series is a gift that Netflix gave me.”

– Claudio Torres, creator of Reality Z

While the confirmation of the series second season is something to watch out for all Reality Z’s fans, its first season is now available on Netflix for those who haven’t watched it yet.

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