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City Government issues new Travel Permit Guidelines for travel within Baguio

The City Government of Baguio has recently released new TRAVEL PERMIT GUIDELINES for those traveling within the City. This is not to confuse with the travel guidelines for OFW’s and Residents of Baguio stranded in the provinces.  These travel permit guidelines are for those who are delivering goods, relief goods, APOR shuttle among others.

The new travel guidelines stemmed from recent events where people are using fake vehicle permits just to get past the checkpoints. So in order to curb the proliferation of fake permits the city has come up with the following guidelines:

1. Private unmarked vehicles being used as service vehicles for (a) food delivery services, (b) errand services, (c) APOR shuttles, and (d) relief goods from private citizens and organizations shall be required to secure a Travel Permit from the Office of the City Mayor;

2. Persons applying for Travel Permits in the food delivery services and errand services must present their Business Permit, or any proof of legitimate business in the absence thereof;

3. Persons applying for APOR Shuttle Travel Permits must present a Certification of Engagement as shuttle service from the business or establishment to which they are providing shuttle services;

4. Persons applying for Travel Permits for relief goods must show any proof to substantiate that they are truly ferrying relief goods to front liners and health workers;

5. All applicants must present a copy of their vehicle OR/CR

6. For purposes of this Advisory, the following need not secure a Travel Permit
· Labelled and marked company service vehicles;
· Labelled and marked Hospital vehicles ferrying health workers

· Government vehicles;

· Private vehicles personally used by APOR;

· Private vehicles travelling within the city according to HQP restrictions;

· Cargo vehicles carrying goods in accordance with DTI Memorandum Circular No. 20-06, dated 19 March 2020

· Vehicles already bearing legitimate DTI issued IDs

· Vehicles already bearing legitimate Food Pass as issued by the Department of Agriculture;

· Vehicles already bearing legitimate ID or permits as issued by any Government Agency;
PUV services as registered with the Barangays and the BCPO

During this time the public is asked to follow the guidelines and advisories of the City Government of Baguio.

Source: PIO Baguio

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  1. Sir/Ma’am,

    yung lalabas ng Baguio to report for duty sa ibang lugar kukuha din po ba ng permit para makabalik?

  2. Ako po ay nang hihingi ng tulong para makauwe ng manila…dahil sa kadahilanan

    Na ako po ay isang dayo lamang dto na naipit dahil sa ECQ

    Sana po may maka notice neto

    Need kona po makauwe ng May 16 2020
    17 yrs old
    Nakatira po ako sa caloocan Bagong silang

    At kasalukuyan na nandto sa bakakeng new site of baguio

    Paki pm po ako… Dto sa aking FB acc ; Mich collins delacruz

  3. Hello po, pano po yung mga gusto lumabas ng Baguio dahil kelangan magreport sa trabaho pero walang masakyan. Ano po kayang tulong ang makukuha nila sa lgu? Thank you

  4. Good afternoon. I applied for Travel Pass on June 18,2020 for tomorrow , June 21, 2020. I have a flight back to Saudi Arabia on this date. But my flight was cancelled yesterday. I did not collect the travel pass yet. Do, I need to go through the whole process again, (securing health declaration from the barangay & medical certificate from the health unit) once I get a new flight date? Please advice. Thank you

  5. Good pm. We were not able to look over our house in Baguio for quite a long time since the pandemic. I am sending over our companion so she can look over the house. What are your travel requirements for this? May we know since she will be staying there for good to look over the house. Thank you. you can reach me at my email address above.

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