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CHSO Calls Pre-Registration for Baguio City Residents Under A4 & A5 Priority Groups

The City Health Services Office of Baguio calls on residents who belong to the A4 and A5 priority groups to pre-register in the city’s master list for COVID-19 vaccination while the local health authorities are preparing for the schedule of vaccination for the said groups.

Who is included in the A4 Priority Group?

The A4 priority group includes frontline personnel in essential economic sectors that have high levels of interaction with or exposure to the
public and also those that are needed to ensure security, consumer and worker safety, and those working in priority government projects.

List of Eligible Workers in the A4 Industry/Sectors

According to the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA), the following are the subgroups under the A4 priority group:

A4 SubgroupEligible Workers
A4.1Commuter transport (land, air, and sea), including logistics
• Motorcycle (e.g., angkas) and tricycle drivers
• Car, taxi, van drivers (including jeepney, taxi/fx drivers),
transport network vehicle service (TNVS)
• Bus drivers, train/tram operators
• Truck drivers and helpers (pahinante)
• Active seafarers, domestic or international (with recorded sea
service within the last 2 years)
• Aircraft pilots and other associate professionals
• Transport conductors
• Travel attendants and travel stewards (includes ship stewards)
• Luggage porters
• Service station attendants (includes gasoline attendants)
• Cleaners and janitors in stations, terminals, and airports
A4.2Public and private wet and dry market vendors; frontline workers in
grocery, supermarkets
• Stall and Market Salespersons
• Shopkeepers (e.g., cashier, shelf fillers, baggers…)
• Retail Trade Operators and Frontliners
• Shop Supervisors
• Sorting Clerks
• Package Deliverers
• Sari-Sari Store tindero/tindera
• Cleaners and janitors in markets, groceries, and supermarkets
A4.3Workers in manufacturing for food, beverage, medical and
pharmaceutical products
A4.4Frontline workers in food retail, including food service delivery
• Food Service Counter Attendants
• Waiters
• Restaurant Managers
• Fast Food Preparers
• Street Food Vendors
• Chefs, Cooks, Kitchen Helpers
• Food Stall (“Carinderia”) workers
• Food home delivery
• Cleaners and janitors in food establishments
A4.5Frontline workers in Financial Services in private and government
• Bank Tellers and Related Clerks
• Cashiers and Ticket Clerks
• Pawnbrokers, Frontliners in Remittance Centers, Bayad Centers
A4.6Frontline workers in hotels and accommodation
• Hotel receptionists and concierge
• Cleaning and housekeeping personnel in hotels, and similar
• Workers in hotel and accommodation not elsewhere classified
(parking attendant, bellboy, usher, etc.)
• Cleaners and janitors of hotels and accommodation
A4.7Priests, Pastors, rabbis, imams, or such other religious leaders regardless of denomination
A4.8Security guards/personnel assigned in A4 establishments, offices,
agencies, and organizations
A4.9Frontline workers in news media, both private and government
A4.10Customer-facing personnel of telecoms, cable, and internet service providers, electricity distribution, water distribution utilities
A4.11Frontline personnel in basic education and higher education
institutions and agencies
• Department of Education (DepEd) teachers and education
support personnel
• Basic education private school teachers
• Higher education teachers
• Technical-Vocational Education and Training (TVET) frontline
personnel (accredited TVET trainers and competency assessors)
• Frontline workers of CHED, PRC, and other agencies in charge of
administering board exams, bar
• Cleaners and janitors in basic and higher education
A4.12Overseas Filipino Workers not classified above, and scheduled for
deployment within 2 months
A4.13Frontline workers in law/justice, security, and social protection sectors
• Customs and borders Inspectors
• Prosecutors, Court personnel
• Commissioned Armed Forces Officers
• Non-Commissioned Armed Forces Officers
• Armed Forces Occupations, Other Ranks
• Firefighters
• Police Officers
• Prison Guards
• Public Investigators
• Social welfare personnel worker in Crisis Intervention Units
A4.14Frontline government workers engaged in operations of government
transport system, quarantine inspection, worker safety inspection and
other activities indispensable to the COVID response
• Government Transport Workers (LRT, MRT, PNR) and workers at
ports and airport terminals
• Department of Agriculture (DA) frontliners (inspectors,
quarantine, bantay presyo, DA Kadiwa ni Ani at Kita store clerk)
• Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG)
• Local Chief Executives (LCEs) (governors, mayors, barangay
• DOLE inspectors
• DTI inspectors
A4.15Frontline government workers in charge of tax collection; assessment
of businesses for incentives; election; national ID; data collection
• Government Tax and Excise Officials
• Government Licensing Officials
• Board of Investment (BOI) frontliners (examiners)
• POEA frontliners
• COMELEC voter registration workers
• PhilSys Registration frontliners
• Data collection and price monitoring personnel of PSA, DTI, DA
A4.16Diplomatic Community and Department of Foreign Affairs personnel
in consular operations
A4.17Department of Public Works and Highways personnel in charge of
monitoring government infrastructure projects

As of IATF Resolution No. 116, series of 2021, has also included the frontline employees in the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry and the frontline employees of the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) in the A4 Priority Group.


Who is included in the A5 Priority Group?

The A5 priority group includes the indigent population not otherwise included in the preceding categories.

A4 and A5 Priority Group Vaccination Schedule

As of writing, no vaccination schedule for the said priority groups has been announced by the local authorities yet.


How to Pre-register in Baguio City COVID-19 Vaccination Master list

To be included in the city’s vaccination master list, Baguio residents must register at and enter their correct personal details.

Important Notes

  1. Please take note that your CORRECT CONTACT NUMBER must be submitted during registration. If you have entered an incorrect number (wrong or incomplete digits, inactive contact number), you will not be able to receive the text message indicating your vaccination schedule and venue.
  2. Data of those who have registered for a Baguio in My Pocket (BIMP) account have already been migrated into the COVID-19 vaccination master list.
  3. Those who participated during the master listing activities in their respective barangays are already included in the COVID-19 vaccination master list.

For Inquiries/Concerns

For inquiries or concerns regarding registration, you may contact the following:

SOURCE: NEDA, Baguio City HSO, Official Gazette, PIO-Baguio

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