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BLISTT Mayors Extend Border Restrictions Until October 30

The local chief executives of Baguio City, La Trinidad, Itogon, Sablan, Tuba, and Tublay (BLISTT) have released another joint advisory extending the border restrictions in the area.

The announcement was made on Tuesday, stating that the BLISTT mayors have resolved to extend the existing border management policies for inter-BLISTT movement and non-essential travel until Saturday, October 30, 2021.

According to the advisory, the decision was due to Baguio City and Benguet’s moderate to critical risk classification. Residents of the BLISTT areas are advised to continue practicing minimum public health standards.

Non-BLISTT Residents

Non-essential travel by non-residents into the BLISTT areas is suspended.

BLISTT Residents

BLISTT residents traveling within and between the BLISTT LGUs shall be guided by the following guidelines:


Authorized Personnel Outside of Residence (APORs) and workers in permitted industries shall be allowed to pass through City/Provincial Checkpoints upon presentation of any of the following documents:

  • Municipal/Provincial/City Task Force ID;
  • Municipal/Provincial/City Contact Tracer ID;
  • Employment ID;
  • Certificate of Employment;
  • Proof of confirmed appointment for transactions in any government or private agency, instrumentality, or office;
  • Confirmed medical appointment in any government or private health care facility or provider;
  • Barangay Certificate as proof of employment in non-formal industries (starting on September 27, 2021 only)

Residents Accessing Essential Goods in other BLISTT localities

Residents who wish to travel between BLISTT localities to access essential goods or services may do so on designated schedules that shall be provided by the respective Local Government Units in subsequent advisories.

Cargo, delivery, and logistics services

Unhampered passage shall be allowed for cargo, delivery, and logistic services for the following:

  • essential and non-essential goods
  • food products
  • utilities for water, electricity, telecommunications, IT, fuel products, and waste disposal
  • those traveling for emergency medical purposes

Other guidelines

  • Persons aged 17 and below, or 65 and over, and immunocompromised persons are strongly encouraged to avoid unnecessary travels outside of their homes, except for indispensable purposes such as medical reasons or for extremely important appointments.
  • Asin-Nangalisan-San Pascual Highway is intended for ESSENTIAL CARGO only for the meantime. As such, travelers coming into the BLISTT areas shall be redirected to Marcos Highway.

Copy of Joint Advisory


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