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“Great Walls of Baguio” will be Closed to Non-residents and Non-workers

In the announcement posted by the Loakan Proper Barangay Facebook Page today, October 21, 2020 (Wednesday), the Great Walls of Baguio or the Great Walls of Khawa, Purok Ongasan, Barangay Loakan Proper is now closed to non-residents and non-workers and nearby areas such as:

  • Pidaoan, Purok Ongasan, Loakan Proper, Baguio City
  • Basa, Camp 4 Barangay, Tuba, Benguet
“As per meeting conducted in the afternoon of Tuesday, October 20, 2020 at Loakan Proper Barangay Hall, the so-called GREAT WALLS OF BAGUIO or GREAT WALLS OF KHAWA, PUROK ONGASAN, BARANGAY LOAKAN PROPER, CITY OF BAGUIO IS NOW CLOSED TO NON-RESIDENTS AND NON-WORKERS of the said area and nearby Pidaoan, Purok Ongasan, Loakan Proper, Baguio City and Basa, Camp 4 Barangay, Tuba, Benguet.”
-Statement Posted on the Loakan Proper Barangay Facebook Page

The closure of the area to non-residents and non-workers were decided after the conducted meeting yesterday, October 20, 2020 (Tuesday), at the Loakan Proper Barangay Hall which was attended by Loakan Proper Barangay Council, DPWH-BCDEO Personnel, Goldrich Construction and Trading, the contractor of DPWH-BCDEO, and BCPO-Station 4 New Station Commander, Deputy and one of those who responded/patrolled several times at said area.

Also, signages, temporary gates, and checkpoints will be placed in the area. 

Furthermore, it is stated on the Facebook post of Loakan Proper Barangay that the road is part of Major Mane and Kennon Bypass Road project and is still under construction and under the care of the project contractor of DPWH-BCDEO.

It has always been our commitment in Baguio City Guide to bring Baguio City in the comfort of your homes. Especially now that we are going through challenging times due to the pandemic. Here’s our drive-thru video of the “Great Walls of Baguio” of Khawa, Purok Ongasan, Barangay Loakan Proper.

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Source: Loakan Proper Barangay, Baguio City, Philippines Facebook Page

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